– Clarification of need for care
– Planning of necessary measures in cooperation with clients, doctors and relatives, as well as inclusion of other services

– Taking medicines
– Handling and usage of medical devices
– Handling disease symptoms
– Organization and daily schedule
– Coordination of other services

Therapy care

– Control of vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, breathing)
– Weight control
– Blood sugar control and appropriate therapy
– Taking of analysis material (blood, urine, stool)
– Breath therapeutic measures; inhalation, application of oxygen, simple breathing exercises and suction
– Introducing of searcher and/or catheter and other care measures in connection with thatIntroducing of searcher and/or catheter and other care measures in connection with that
– Application of medicines oral and in form of infusion or injections
– Enteral or parenteral application of nutrient solutions
– Supervision of infusions, transfusions, devices that are used for treatment or control and preservation of vital functions
– Wound treatment; flushing, cleaning and bounding, as well as decubitus, ulkus cruris, but also postoperative wounds and stoma and tracheostoma care
– Care measures by dysfunction like bladder emptying or defecation
– Application of winding and help by therapeutic partial and full bath

General nursing

 General nursing with persons that can not perform this activities on their own;
– Helping with body care
– Helping with dressing and taking their clothes off
– Landing of compresses and compression hosiery
– Transfer and mobilization – Storage and decubitus Prophylaxis
– Helping with eating and drinking (preparing meals)